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Classes are taught by experienced knitters with patience and support.  We offer classes from beginner to advanced techniques to satisfy the most inquisitive knitter.  Our Staff is always available to help.  Bring in a dropped stitch or a late night goof and we will do our best to get you back on track.


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Join us Wednesday evenings from 5 - 8 for evening social knitting.  Stop by to see what's knitting up at The Yarn Club, meet new friends and learn new techniques. 

Toe up, Fish Lips Kiss heel sock class with Lora

Monday, August 4, 11, 18 - 11:00-2:00

Saturday, August 9,  16, 23 - 11:00-2:00


Materials needed: sport or dk weight scrap yarn for practicing cast on… 32 or 40 inch long circular needle in size appropriate for scrap yarn (#5 or 6 for DK , 7 or 8 for worsted)

For the sock:

#0 or # 1 32 or 40 inch circ needle for magic loop.

Sock yarn bought from TYC, good opportunity to try the Biscotti Felix self striping

Download FLK heel pattern from Ravelry and bring ALL of it.

Class #1 features Magic Cast on for Toe up socks and increasing to make the toe box.

Making template for your foot for perfect fit.

Class #2 will feature the Fish Lips Kiss heel. No wrap and turns, no holes, easy and fun. You will learn the twin stitch which can be used for any “short row” project.

Class #3 Stretchy bind off and any questions

Cost: This class is broken down by sessions to accommodate summer travel and grandchildren's schedules. Pay as you go. You must attend the first class as scheduled. You may join us on either day the class is offered depending on your knitting needs. The second and third classes are flexible.

First class 2.5-3 hours - $25.00

Second class 1.5-2 hours - $15.00

Thrid Class is FREE


Hitofude is still going strong!  Every week we have a few more excited knitters casting on.  Anzula Breeze is the yarn of choice.  Please join us on Fridays at Noon.


Lace Knitalong - FREE

Thursdays in July, 10AM-12 noon

Bring your own projects and sit and knit with veteran lace knitter Ellen, who will be on hand to help unravel the mysteries of strange stitches, confusing charts, and perplexing patterns. All weights of yarn and all levels of knitters are welcome!

There is no one assigned project for this group; those in search of inspiration may wish to look at the following patterns:


Glam Shells (, a fingering-weight triangular shawl with a very simple pattern repeat for the body, and then a simple chart for the edging. Wonderfully-written pattern, and a great introduction to paired yarnovers and decreases and chart-reading. There is a written version of the chart in the pattern's Ravelry comments. Free pattern.

Liesel (, a scarf that can be made in any weight of yarn. Instructions are both charted and written, and there are a few suggestions as far as varying the pattern. Free pattern.


Adamas (, a triangular shawl made in laceweight yarn. Very repetitive pattern, serves as a good introduction to laceweight yarn and more advanced lace techniques such as double-decreases around a stitch marker. Charts only. Free pattern.

Hemlock Ring Blanket (, a doily pattern upsized into a blanket and knitted with bulky yarn. Lace knitted in the round, made WAY less intimidating by the larger yarn. In spite of its size, a quick knit! Free pattern.


Aeolian (, a triangular shawl for lace- or fingering-weight yarn. Nupps AND beads, oh my! Multiple sizes available. Free pattern.

Mystic Waters (, a medium or large triangular shawl for laceweight yarn. The stitches are not particularly difficult—however, the charts are monstrous and there are very few instances where the patterns repeat. $7.50 for the pattern, or $16.95 for a whole eBook full of this designer's magnificent shawls.


Hand-Painted Knitting Yarn (HPKY) Regina Louise Superwash Singles: Awkward long name, magnificent fingering-weight yarn. Knits up and blocks beautifully. Single-ply. Interesting colourways.

MadelineTosh Prairie: Laceweight single-ply yarn, typically gorgeous Tosh colours. Great for those new to laceweight, as it's not prone to splitting like many plied laceweight yarns, nor is it as prone to breakage as some single-plies that I've seen.

Malabrigo Lace/Silkpaca: Two yarns, one a merino, the other a 70/30 alpaca/silk blend. Plied yarns in the typical array of Malabrigo colourways, plus several solids and a few tonals.

Noro: The long colour runs make for some very stunning multicoloured shawls, but not recommended for the beginning lace knitter because of unforgiving bases, which can be difficult to tink and rip. The Taiyo line is probably a better choice than the Silk Garden line.



Learn To Knit

August 7th at 5:30pm

Knitting is fun and simple once you know the basics. The Intro to knitting class will teach you the fundamentals that you need to know to begin a long and wonderful friendship with your needles. In the first class we will learn basic cast on techniques, how to knit and purl, we will introduce you to different types of yarn, and have you become familiar with the online community of Ravelry. You will be provided with practice yarn; however, you will need to purchase your needles and project yarn at The Yarn Club before class starts. The class is 2 weeks with a week between them. I will be here during the off week so you can come in to ask questions or get any help you may need. The second week of class we will begin our projects. I have chosen 4 scarf patterns and 4 shawl patterns for you to choose from. You can find the pattern information on Ravelry. If you have any questions, please ask for Jillian at the shop and I will be happy to get back to you.

 Two session class.

Cost: $40.00 plus materials


Learn to Crochet with Shelia

August 14th, 5:30pm

This class is to introduce students to basic crochet stitches, written patterns, charts and symbols. Different yarns, patterns types, projects and their uses will be discussed. The class will focus mainly on obtaining skill and consistency with basic stitches and practice at home is encouraged. The student will learn the stitches necessary to complete one of the following scarf patterns but further practice may be necessary depending on the student’s skill level at the end of class. Students are encouraged to attend a “crochet a long” evening at The Yarn Club with their instructor help in completing their scarf project(s).

Practice yarn will be provided

Papillon Scarf, Feather and Fan Scarf, Urban Shells, Mindless Scarf


Size H hook, Learn to Crochet Book (blue), and one skein of worsted weight yarn (Malabrigo Rios is recommended)

All materials must be purchased form The Yarn Club

Cost: $35.00 plus materials


Crochet – Beyond the Basics

August 21st, Thursday at 5:30pm

Students must know and be proficient with the basic crochet stitches. This class is perfect for students that have taken the beginning crochet class and have practiced and completed a basic project. This is also a class for those that need a refresher, want to learn advanced stitches and techniques or want to learn how to read a written or charted pattern.

Different yarn choices, types and patterns will be discussed.

Students will need to sign up for if not already.

Because of the difference in skill sets the class project will be tailored for each student. Students will need to contact Sheila Rakes by email ( to discuss a project for the class. Student will be responsible for getting their pattern, appropriate hook and yarn prior to the start of class. Supplies must be purchased at The Yarn Club.

Pattern sugestions:

Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski

dent de Lion Shawlette by Abigail  Bailey

Garbo by Nancy L. Drew

Jewel of the Shrug by Kristin Omdahl

Mini skeins of practice yarn will be provided.

After the initial class, students are encouraged to attend a “crochet a long” with the instructor for additional help if needed.

Cost: $35.00


Mosaic Knitting with Rusty

August 9th, 10:30-12:30.   

Have you noticed all the chevron patterns lately?  Have you ever wanted to knit chevron, but intarsia and fair isle seem overwhelming?  Mosaic Knitting is your answer, and no purling is required.  In this class we will use two contrasting yarns to create a stylish chevron scarf.  Students will learn to read a mosaic chart as well as written directions, how to read their mosaic knitting to ensure success, and how to carry yarns to make a decorative edge.  Students only need to know how to cast on and knit for this class.  All materials must be purchased from Yarn Club.  Sample knit with Shepherd’s Wool on size 7 needles.

Cost: $25.00


Felting Soap

July 17th, 5:30-7:00pm

Come join Stephanie for a quick evening class on how to create your own felted soaps! We will be using handmade soaps and fiber dyed in a wonderful array of colors to craft something that you can either give as a gift, or keep for yourself. Felting soap helps to keep it from getting mushy as quickly, and also makes it less slippery when used. To say nothing of the fact that you won't have to hunt down a washcloth if your soap is felted :)

We will go into how to make a basic felted soap, and make some of our own.

All crafting materials will be provided in class.

Things to Bring to Class:

Clothes you don't mind getting wet

Class Fee: $20

Class Size: 3-8 students


Crockpot Dyeing

July 26th , 1-4pm

Curious about how to get some of the techniques used to get the beautiful colorways you see available for purchase at The Yarn Club? Interested in getting a chance to create your own one-of-a-kind colorway, but not sure how to begin? Come learn with Stephanie and take a step into the world of dyeing with a crockpot! We will be discussing color theory as it applies to dyeing, and experimenting with acid dyes to create wondrous colorways.

Stephanie will be bringing in crockpots and dyes for use in class, plus yarn and fiber will be available for purchase from The Yarn Club.

Things to Bring to Class:

An Apron you don't mind staining, or wear clothes that you don't mind staining

Kitchen Gloves

Class Fee: $40 plus yarn or fiber purchased from The Yarn Club

Class Size: 3-6 students


Handpainting Yarn and Fiber

August 9th, 1-4pm

Want to know what it would be like to create your own handpainted yarn or fiber? Come join Stephanie and learn a bit about the theory that goes into handpainting, try it for yourself, and leave with your own personalized yarn or fiber to love. We will be working with acid dyes and having loads of fun.

Yarn and fiber will be available for purchase from The Yarn Club.

Things to Bring to Class:

An Apron you don't mind staining, or wear clothes that you don't mind staining

Kitchen Gloves

Class Fee: $40 plus yarn or fiber purchased from The Yarn Club

Class Size: 3-8 students



Jillian Jackson:

Hi, my name is Jillian. Don’t let my age fool you, I have been crocheting since I was 8 years old and I have been knitting since I was 14. I knit continental style, and I tend to pick up my needles over my hooks. Like many of us in the yarn community I have a billion different projects going on at once. I have knit everything from baby blankets to lace cardigans. I am a true yarn addict, and maybe a little bit of a yarn snob. I love soft, squishy yarn. I can be found at the shop most every day to answer questions and help you find your next yarn indulgence.


Sara Matthews:

     Sara has been a knitter since her newlywed days in England around 2007.  In an attempt to find new friends in a new land she took up the sticks and never put them down.

     Knitting for Sara is a form of meditation as well as a surefire way to assimilate into any new community the Military sends her and her husband to.  These days Sara rarely knits with anything heavier than sock weight yarn and cannot stop knitting lace.



Rusty Boyd:

Rusty Boyd has spent a lifetime with fiber.  He learned to crochet at age 9 and at age 34, he learned to knit, fulfilling a lifelong dream and carrying on an aunt’s legacy.  Rusty’s own designs have been published by Skacel, Love of Knitting, and Love of Crochet Magazines.  He enjoys knitting socks (2 at a time), finding new shades of orange, and most recently spinning his own yarn.



Stephanie is a married mother of 4 (three boys, one girl) with a wee bit of a crafting addiction. She took up crocheting when her second child was a few months old, and followed this up with dyeing, knitting, spinning, and weaving. In her spare time that she manages to squeeze out of her busy life, she also does some jewelry and wire work, dabbles in photography, and is experimenting with various body care products.

If you do not see a class at TYC, check out what is available on Craftsy!

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